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Red Dress, with White Collar and Cuffs

Red is one of the hottest colours for spring, including everything from casual to evening wear. The red dress with white collar and cuffs is one of the new styles for 2019 that is stunning in its simplicity. The easy, semi-fitted style gets a lot of its interest from the contrast between the vibrant red body of the dress and the distinct white collar and cuffs.

The dress is gently shaped to follow the contours of your body. It’s made in a short-sleeved style that looks crisp and cool even on the warmest days. It has a continuous style that doesn’t include a waistband, creating a thin, elegant silhouette. The divided collar features a beaded adornment in the centre, adding a finishing touch to an otherwise unadorned design. The hem falls a few inches above the knee. It’s a great dress to take you from work to dinner and a movie in style.

The red dress with white collar and cuffs doesn’t have a lot of adornment, but it isn’t short on style. Add a jacket to make it look dressier or for a more professional look. Wear it just the way it is to make a style statement that always looks and feels great.

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