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Marvin Nonis Ladies Navy Blue Coat

Marvin Nonis unveiled a remarkable coat in the colour of the year during his VIP fashion show. The event took place at an exclusive UK venue where he revealed his latest collection of exceptionally tailored apparel. A highlight of the show was his collection of women’s coats offering an array of sophisticated colours. This particular decadent cashmere coat was delivered in a royal blue hue with violet undertones. The cut has a subtle '60s vibe with a collarless high neck and wide cropped sleeves — the oversized pockets enhance the look. Glossed, statement buttons in a matching colour to the body and finished with a gold trim complement the extravagance of the fluted sleeves. The coat presents its most salient appearance when completely buttoned. Layer it over a high-neck dress teamed with boots to mirror the runway styling — a slick high ponytail, dark-framed sunglasses and a mini baguette bag will complete the look.