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Black and White Coat, Sky Blue Top, and Dark Blue Skirt


Black and blue have always made good companions, and this three-piece ensemble is no exception. The dark blue in the short, full skirt is a colour that we saw a lot of during Fashion Week, and it is very well represented here. The skirt features a straight yoke at the waist that makes it fit more smoothly under the jacket. The short, full skirt moves with you as you walk, for a light-hearted fashion choice.

The sky blue top adds a touch of femininity and balances the boldness of the skirt. An open neckline gives it a light, cool look for spring. The black and white coat completes the ensemble, with a dotted pattern accented with an occasional blue flower. Welt pockets are featured on either side with a built-in black waistband. The waistband lines up perfectly with the belt on the skirt, adding definition to the waist and balancing out the lines of the skirt and top.

This outfit is just professional enough for work and fashionable to wear almost anywhere. There are lots of opportunities to change the tone by adding a variety of accessories. A matching sky blue tote adds another layer of spring fresh colour. Purchase this outfit and add the right jewellery to make it your own.

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